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On October 11th 2002 The Foundation 'Vecjauži' was founded to ensure the conservation of the farm and to give it a purpose which honours the memory of the painter.

The statutory purpose is:

To preserve and use his birthplace, the Latvian estate of Vecjauži and Kipene, in memory of Vilhelms Purvītis, with an emphasis on humanitarian, cultural and environmental projects, national and international.

The Foundation will pusue its goals by:

Restoration and development of the farm buildings;
Appropriate development of the grounds;
Development of projects which are supportive of natural and cultural conservation, and of humanitarian and social purposes;
Development of international activities and links;
Promoting research on Latvian culture in a European context.




Vecjauži foundation

Vecjauži birthplace

Vilhelms Purvītis 



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