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Organisations such as War Child, Children in Need, and SOS Children's Villages will be welcome in summer time, to enjoy and forget.


The Koninklijke Nederlandse Heidemaatschappij has started a project in Zaube-Taurupe-Mazozoli to improve social conditions in the community (Kern met Pit = Society with Spirit)

The police force in The Hague have already enquired if a group of young delinquents can stay to learn some discipline, and hope for the future.

80 km north of Vecjauži a young Frenchman has established an institution where he looks after 90 orphans from Riga. There is great potential for co-operation in this field.

We have plans to begin again the production of shingles; so more buildings can be restored, and work can be provided for young people.

A Dutch cheese factory and some retired cheese makers have been asked to start a cheese factory to provide jobs in this district.

The complex consists of several buildings apart from the dwelling house. These include a stable, byre, bathhouse, coachhouse, and barn. They all need restoration. Few of these traditional farmsteads have survived in a reasonably complete form. The sovchoz and kolchoz (sowjet system of farming) has ended many. This is another cultural reason to conserve and use these buildings.




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